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Boric Oxide or Boron Oxide (also Boron Trioxide or Diboron trioxide or Anhydrous Boric Acid) is one of the oxides of boron. It is a white, glassy solid with the formula B2O3. Exposed to the atmosphere it slowly absorbs water, reverting to boric acid.
It is soluble in water but at a much slower rate than boric acid. Approximately 56 kg of Boric Oxide are the chemical equivalent of 100 kg of Boric Acid. Boric Oxide is used where B2O3 is required without the presence of sodium or calcium and/or where water would be hindering to the process.

Boric Oxide (Boron Oxide) is used:

in the refractory industry for chemically bonded firebricks and castables. In particular, it is used as a binder for magnesia-based refractory bricks and as a stabilizer for dolomite refractory bricks.

as a fluxing agent for glass including optical and telescope lenses, medical glasses (ampoules), electronic glasses and glass-ceramic composites.

in ceramics for wall and floor tiles, tableware and porcelain, and enamelled appliances.
in metallurgy as an excellent solvent for metallic oxides.

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